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One of the new employees hired at Cat Spec Oregon OH.comes with a strong warning of Caution.

She inappropriately speaks to her male married co workers. She does not have boundaries. She is currently emailing an ex co worker at her previous job and will not stop even when he does not reply. She has threatened suicide on herself if they stop talking to her.

Also she has tried blackmailing, saying she would contact their wife to tell them there was Infedelity. This employee is not stable. She needs counseling or some type of help. Men beware of Office Manager Lisa Veselka.

She will try and ruin your marriage. She has no boundaries.

Don't even try to be friendly.She has such low self esteem she will fall in love with you.

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wow.this does not belong here.

You should complain to the company AND file a police report.Blackmail is illegal.

This stinks of being a scam.

She Loves Facials
Oregon, Ohio, United States #940401

She sucks and swallows and doesn't demand dinner and a movie first.What's to complain about?

If you were pleasing your husband he would not be at all interested in this vixen.

Take knobslobbering lessons, all you jealous wives.

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #931458

This is BoBoBigC who just posted previous comment.It has just come to my attention that in fact

this is NOT the girl I was describing in my previous post.

I just had a family member and two coworkers verify in fact the female in this photo isn't NOT her.

My apologies however, any of you fine women out there looking to hook up with a good healthy very satisfying time,,, hit me up. I don't ***.. I only please on a very intense level and I have the 9.5" very thick tool to prove it.

Also, I'm a heavy multiple ***.

Thanks for reading ;-)

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #931453

I know this girl very well people and just let me say (without sounding mean or inappropriate) she has some possible mental health issues.Yes I am married and yes I did sleep with her on numerous occasions and even had sex with her while at work...

On numerous occasions. I was careless and I always gave in to my better judgement when I was with her, but all excuses aside I eventually (within 2 months) saw her deeper dark side. When I told her we had to stop seeing each other she completely broke down. Eventually her breakdown turned into threats of notifying my wife on our time together.

The women put me through a living *** that in reality set me straight.

Eventually she started calming down, but that came with a hefty $$ price. Just a warning to other men out there who might be entertaining the thought of hooking up with this girl; DON'T!!!! Ya she has a nice body and an incredibly tight ***, but she isn't worth the nightmare.

Also, if you're able to eat *** *** for a long time while getting her orgasming, then she becomes even more attached to you. She was one of the biggest multiple cummers I ever met and initially thats why I stuck with her those two months. But even the finest wettest *** eventually gets old. However, for us men it goes stale and rancid when the women whose mouth its attached to starts talking and acting insane.

NOTE: I did get an std test and she is clean.Amazingly she is.


Sounds like my type of girl!!

Santa Clarita, California, United States #898126

Some one should tell his wife, no one should just stand by afraid to get involved, she should be fired, she could always get a job as a working girl in Las Vegas, thank you for sharing this story, so many times the rest of the office condones this type of behavior, home rockers have a special place in ***!


Lisa is very nice and I think you have low self esteem, trust, and jealousy issues if you are worried about some woman messing with a married man.If that married man is your husband than I would say get some counseling.

Your post was highly inappropriate being that you're writing or typing about some woman flirting and has no boundaries and works for this company on the companies job or performance reviews?? I hope you get help lady. Cat spec is a great company!!!

Cheating women and men or not they take great care of their employees and families.

Protective friend

I am the person that posted this.This information is not accurate at all.

There was a misunderstanding. I am working on get in this deleted as soon as possible. It may take 2 weeks. I have to mail a notarized letter and it has to be reviewed.

Please accept my apologies Lisa Veselka. I put my nose in someone else's business, was misinformed and posted this on my own based on what I thought I knew.

I will get this removed.Whatever I have to do.

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